CREON brings a legacy of leadership to the table

#1 Perscribed Pert with over 1,000,000 paitents perscribed.

Significant experience, exceptional patient
support, and excellent coverage make CREON
a proven partner for patients with EPI.4,5

Nearly 9 out of 10 Gls prescribe CREON more than other PERTs6
Per Oct '18-Sept '19 analysis of 10,053 Gls from IQVIA Xponent. 86% of surveyed Gls had >50% of their
PERT prescriptions filled as CREON.

10+ years of experience as the first PERT to receive FDA approval (2009)4

94% of Commercial and Medicare Part D patients have
preferred access
with the lowest branded co-pay5*†

95% of Commercial and Medicare Part D patients have
unrestricted access
with no prior authorization5*‡

Medicare Part D coverage for more patients than any other PERT5

Formulary definitions: Preferred/Step 1 means either the product is placed on the plan's preferred branded formulary drug list; or competitive products require a higher out-of-pocket cost or a step edit or are placed on a higher tier. Lowest Branded Co-pay means the product is in the formulary tier status designated by the insurer as the lowest branded co-pay in the therapeutic class. Unrestricted implies no prior authorization. Covered is defined as patient has access and plan coverage of product at any formulary tier and product is not NDC blocked. Step edits, prior authorization, and other restrictions apply.

*Rates reflect patients insured through Commercial and Medicare Part D.

Preferred access varies by channel: Commercial (93%), Medicare Part D (97%).

Unrestricted access varies by channel: Commercial (94%), Medicare Part D (97%).

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