CREON Dosing Guide

Determine your patient’s dose

The dosing guide calculates an appropriate dose or dosing range for each patient based on guidelines established by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF).1

CREON should be taken with every meal and snack, with sufficient fluid. Capsules should not be crushed or chewed.1

After starting your patient on CREON, follow up as early as 7 days* to assess the need for a dose adjustment1
CREON dosage should be individualized and adjusted based on1:

Clinical symptoms

Degree of steatorrhea present

Dietary fat content

*In clinical studies, improvement in fat absorption after treatment with CREON was assessed as early as 5-7 days.

Safety and dosing considerations

  • Fibrosing colonopathy has been reported in patients with cystic fibrosis taking high-dose pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy.
  • Total daily dose should not exceed 10,000 lipase units/kg body weight/day unless clinically indicated.
  • CREON is not interchangeable with other pancrelipase products.
  • CREON should be initiated at the lowest recommended dose based on the patient's weight.
  • CREON should always be taken with food. 
  • CREON should not be crushed or chewed.
  • The dosage of CREON should be individualized based on degree of steatorrhea present and fat content of the diet.
  • Usually, half of the prescribed CREON dose for an individualized full meal should be given with each snack.

The CFF Guidelines also provide a dietary fat-based maximum lipase dose of less than 4,000 units per g of fat ingested per day.1

Encourage your patients to fill out the Treatment Tracker and share it with you during their next appointment. This can help you assess how their treatment plan is going.

Hear from gastroenterologist Shahab Mehdizadeh, MD, as he shares tips for dosing CREON.