Resources and patient support for your practice and patients

The following resources were designed to help with EPI management and facilitate treatment with CREON:

Doctor Discussion Guide

The Doctor Discussion Guide can help your patients feel more comfortable communicating their GI symptoms and medical history with you.

CREON videos

Watch educational videos featuring real gastroenterologists and patients who share insights about CREON and experiences living with EPI.

Treatment Tracker

With the CREON Treatment Tracker, your patients can record their symptoms, dietary habits, and administration routines so that you can better assess their treatment plan at the next follow-up appointment.

Contact a representative

Contact a CREON representative to request information about EPI and CREON, patient starter kits, product samples, and more.

The following support programs were designed to help people with EPI every step of the way:

Creon On Course logo.

CREON On Course

CREON On Course offers financial savings, multivitamins, and educational resources to patients with EPI due to chronic pancreatitis, pancreatectomy, or other conditions that are not cystic fibrosis.

CFCareForward Logo.


CFCareForward offers financial savings, nutritional products, multivitamins, and educational resources to patients with EPI due to cystic fibrosis.


Interested in attending an educational presentation about CREON and EPI?

EPI = exocrine pancreatic insufficiency; GI = gastrointestinal.